One Week Later!

Maximus1512 posted Feb 23, 17

Today is a week since we made the Realmkraft server public again and I'd like to update you and the fellow Realmkrafters on whats taken place within those 7 days.

Firstly, we've gone through a lot of plugins and fixed many bugs we had. Thank you to those who reported bugs and have been our lab rats to test things on. It's been a very confusing week of bugs and glitches but we've almost ironed all of them out and will keep you updated on any plugin or permission changes.

Secondly, I'd like to say thanks to those of you who have been voting for the site. We recently got 3 more voting links set up so go click on them, (they can be found to the right of this post ), Rewards include Money and Diamonds!

Thirdly, We've been keeping up the numbers and had an average of 5 players on the server at once, eventually we will grow and as more players join us we will start to add more to the server such as Creative worlds and Skyblock.

Finally, As I am the Great and Wonderful Deadpool I will  be funding any in-game projects such as Towns, Cities, Houses and so on with my own resources as I love helping out the community and like seeing what players build on the server. All you need to do is start building and if I check out your build (Don't request for money :P) and see you're building something awesome I'll add a little donation to your balance to help you buy materials. :)

Enjoy your Realmkraft experience and Peace out,

- Maximus and the No Sleep Crew,

(The Realmkraft Staff Team)

We've returned!

Maximus1512 posted Feb 13, 17

Welcome back to a Raucous and Ravishing return of the Greatest Minecraft Server out there!



We are proud to announce the launch of Realmkraft upon this day (Valentine's Day 2017) and here's everything you need to know about the launch.


1) We have rebuilt a whole new spawn with 28 portals leading to 28 portals placed within the world, the spawn also features nether portals and enchanting areas. The spawn will gradually expand as more and more is added. (Did someone say build contest? *wink*)


2) The 28 portals lead to seperate portals placed 10K blocks apart from each other in the directions North, East,South and West. This means 7 portals per direction. The map is limited to 80Kx80K which means there's plenty of space for everyone to build and explore.


3) The Realmkraft Shop sells only basic items such as Iron equipment and building blocks. This is so that players have the chance to set up their own markets and make their own profits through farming, mining and so on. Note: The prices set at the Realmkraft Shop may be tweaked to even out the economy and to give everyone a chance to  make some money. The Shop can be located next to spawn or /warp shop.


4) We have implemented a new plugin called Mob Hunting which allows the player to earn money by killing naturally spawned mobs. Other plugins on the server include Chairs, VeinMiner and Landlord.


5) Finally we would like to welcome Ruben (IGN: DragonGrindle) to the staff team. As we are only a small server at the time being we are sticking with 3 staff members. Kevin (Stringsbeast), Myself (Maximus1512) and Ruben (DragonGrindle). As the server grows we will be looking into recruiting more staff members to help moderate the server


Notes for All, and All for Notes;

The server will constantly be changing and improving as Im sure we'll run into lots of bugs. We will be trying to involve the community as much as possible when it comes to adding new plugins or features to the server. We have plenty of surprises for the future but we are always open to suggestions and ideas from you, the players, so don't be afraid, make a topic about your ideas on the forums or tell us in-game and we'll be happy to listen.


That is all that needs to be said for now, I will try my best to update the website with new information about the server etc. Hope you enjoy your time on Realmkraft and tell all your friends about it :)


- Maximus and the Masters of the Universe

  (The Realmkraft Staff Team)


[owner] stringsbeast a posted Aug 30, 16

Good News Everyone!
We are launching a smaller Vanilla Server for those of you who are interested. We have seen that many of you cannot wait for Realmkraft to re-open so you can get back to building and playing alongside us and other Realmkrafters. The server is 1.10.2 and (almost*) completely Vanilla. There are some ground-rules in which you will need to know before you can apply.
1. No Griefing, Stealing or Raiding.
2. PVP is allowed if both parties agree to it
3. Keep the server friendly so that everyone can enjoy the experience

Apply for the vanilla server here:

Server IP:   (whitelist only)

Take care of them fellow turtles and peace out!
- The Strings

*By this we mean we will have some small moderation tools included to keep things in order and have all the gears greased.
PS: We will record on this server for Youtube purpose.


[owner] katie1011 a posted Sep 4, 15

Recently some staff parted ways from RK. Some for time constraints and others for reasons that they didn't see eye to eye with staff. Jasmine you we're a really great mod and we will miss you so much when you resign on Tuesday. We hope you have a great time in school and hope you get through your dads wedding without dying. Good luck in october and Happy Early Birthday!!!! Alll the staff will be missed. But we understand minecraft isn't for everyone.

Ontop of that, we are adding lots of new features and making some major changes to RK

  1. We are rebooting creative. Replacing the old plot world with one that doesnt glitch out. We are making it a more fun atomosphere. We realized when we rebooted the build competitions that you all we're craving that creative side to the server.
  2. We are continuing the monthly Build competitions. This months winners are:
    1. Valesse
    2. Delzaros
    3. Cpt_Digpik
  3. We are currently looking for new staff. If you feel like you can help out the server make sure you apply under our recruitment tab.
  4. We had a very sucessful fundraiser for Alexis' Cancer Fund!!! We raised $611 for her. That is $111 over our $500 goal!!! Thank you all for being so amazing.
  5. The server continues to grow stronger and we continously add new amazing things to the community. If you have ideas don't hesitate to send them in on our forums.

Hope you're all enjoying the new school year (for those who just went back to school). We understand you won't have as much time for minecraft for now but we can't wait to see you on when you have the time. 


darlekhunter Thanks for your work Jasmine, you will be missed
skillix101 R u high how did I not win the competition Did you even see my build compared to the others?
[owner] stringsbeast a Lets not make this into more drama then it already is. You resigned, its over now. We dont need to continue this nonsenc...


JamesNygma posted Jul 15, 15

Hello again Realmkrafters! We have kindly been made a plugin by Delzaros (creator of DelzTools), this plugin is called DelzGates and allows for portcullises to be made in Minecraft. We are very thankful for this and we cannot wait to see what additions are to come to his collection of plugins. Below is a quick and easy guide to how to create a gate and some useful commands and features of this plugin:


  1. To first create a gate, you need to create a frame for where the iron bar gate will appear. Usually this frame will be a 4x5 area. (Note: Do not place the iron bars in yourself, they will appear automatically once the gate has been set up fully).


  1. On the top centre block of your frame, place a sign with the first line saying, “[Gate]”, and the second line saying the name you want to call the gate. After doing this, right click the sign to confirm it. This will automatically add your name to the sign to display that you are the creator of the gate.


  1. Now it is time to create the switch. Find what you believe to be a suitable place for the switch and place a sign saying, “[Switch]” on the first line, and the name of your gate on the second. Similar to creating the gate, you will want to right click the sign to confirm it.


    4. Once doing this, your gate and switch will be intertwined, meaning that whenever you               click the switch, the gate will function.


If you aren’t a fan of the iron bars, then don’t worry, you can actually change the material of the gate. This can happen with the simple command: /delg material (gatename) (material). Where the brackets are is where you need to put in your custom information, the brackets should not be included when you do so. As of right now, there are only 3 materials that are available: Fence, Iron bars and Wood.

Another amazing feature is that you are able to give other people access to using your switch to open your gate. The simple command: /delg trust (gatename) (player), allows you to do this. If you no longer want that person to be trusted, just replace the word trust with untrust. This will then deny them from having access. If you are unsure of who you have trusted on your gate, then you can find out by doing the command: /delg trustlist (gatename).

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member or even ask Delzaros himself as he plays every now and then. We are also very sorry that a post about this plugin has not appeared sooner, that is a fault on my part (James) as I have been putting off doing lots of writing because it means I actually have to think :3 I will make it up to you guys by doing more regular posts with as much information as possible.

- The Realmkraft Staff Team

(Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will, Jasmine and Wyrm)

zadigadabop my name is jeff
x7string420x Those are parentheses, not brackets.
Vhern Just a suggestion, but could this and other plugin posts also be put into the Server Plugin forum thread? There are so ...
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