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I cannot remember the exact date i was banned but why was I banned?

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So around some time in april (I think) i got banned from RealmKraft. Now i cannot remember the reason why i got banned but i remember before i got banned CornishCrafter said "Ben, you know why" when I wasn't sure what i had done. I think it had something to do with me being a little bit annoying and about him and Jasmine but i was younger and didn't understand the consequences but after a long time of not playing RK i have realised that i kind of miss it and that is why every time i said i was leaving i missed it and came back but this time i really want to come back and i can't because i am banned.
Yours sincerely,
Posted Sep 2, 15 · OP
Deleted all of the comments that weren't needed. This is a staff matter. We are thinking it over Kermit. Thank you for your patience.
Posted Sep 4, 15
I believe my first post was rather relevant to the matter, I detailed why he was banned :3 But I understand why im not allowed to have any say anymore :3
Posted Sep 4, 15 · Last edited Sep 4, 15 by JamesNygma
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