Players claim land in chunks at a time for a configurable cost. That's all a player needs to do to protect their builds within that chunk. Each area of claimed land will have a very basic permissions system that players can choose to tweak with but also not touch if it isn't desired. The system is based on simple ranks: "Everyone" and "Friends"

Land owners can run a simple command that will open an "Inventory GUI" where users can click each element and toggle the "Yes" or "No" of each perm.

(Aliases: /landlord, /land, /ll)

/land help [page #] - Display help reference
/land claim (or buy) - Claim the chunk you are standing in.
/land unclaim (or sell) [x,z] [world] - Unclaim the current, or specified, land. (If you own it)
/land addfriend <player> - Add specified player as a friend of this land. (If you own it)
/land unfriend <player> - Remove specified player from this land's friend list. (If you own it)
/land friendall <player> - Add specified player as a friend to all your currently owned land.
/land unfriendall <player> - Remove specified player as a friend from all your currently owned land
/land friends - View the friends of this land. (If you own it)
/land manage - Brings up the permissions management for this chunk. (If you own it)
/land list [page #] - List your owned land.
/land info - Get basic information about this current land.
/land map - Toggle the land map display.
/land reload - Administrative command to reload the landlord config file.
/land listplayer <player> - Administrative command to list land owned by specified player.
/land clearworld <world> [player] - Administrative command to clear an entire world or all land owned by specified player in the specified world. Clearing an entire world can only be done form the console.