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hi im new on this server and just had a small suggestion but i see there are ingame ranks but i have no idea what these ranks actually do and cant find it anywhere on the site or ingame it would be nice iff there was actually a list of what they do?
as i said i dont know what they do so iff possible could it be set so that even without paying you could set like 3 homes with the highest rank?

and last question for this post, i have been online for a while now and i dont see much acivity is this server actually being used at all (staff and players) because i have only seen 1 other player and no staff at all
i would be sad iff it wasnt seeing that this is 1 of the few servers that actually has no lagg and good plugins :confused:
Posted Apr 23, 17 · OP
Hey! Answer to your second question first! Personally I revived the server hoping it would grow back to a decent size again but due ot lack of players I stopped playing Minecraft. However, if the server is starting to show signs of action again I'll make a return and start investing back in the server! So No and Yes and to your second question.

Secondly, Ranks...
I could have a look at the ranks again and decide whether the highest rank could possible get a second home set or a way of paying in-game to get that command. The in-game ranks are just a way of showing how much time someone has played/experience on the server but I can start to add perks to each rank if that's what people would like. Thanks for the feedback, if you have anymore feel feel to post them on the forum and remember to invite all your friends to the server! :d
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