Where is everyone?

By JamesNygma - Posted May 22, 15

As some of you may have realised, a few staff members, including myself (CornishCrafter), have been inactive for the last couple weeks. There is a reasonable answer to that and that the fact is, we have had either a tonne of exams to do, or are settling into our new jobs, and have been using our free time to revise or salvage what little we have left of our social lives. After exams have finished, the whole staff team overall will be playing a lot more which will result in more additions to the server as well as the community itself. We appreciate your patience with us and we are sorry that we have not been as active as we should have. This is just a quick update about why the server has suddenly decreased in player numbers, but stick around until July and we can guarantee that everything will be prosperous once more.

- The Realmkraft Staff Team

(Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will, Jasmine & Wyrm)

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