By JamesNygma - Posted Jun 21, 15

It has recently come aware to me personally that a certain member has decided to report all staff to enjin after he was banned by one single member of staff. Personally (and im sure a lot of you will agree), this is outright hilarious and stupid. To begin with, what occurs on the server in terms of punishment has nothing to do with Enjin at all. Im sure that the company has much more important things to deal with that having to worry about someone having a tantrum on a minecraft server. Moreover, I think im not the only one which believes this news is freaking hilarious, as someone actually takes getting banned so seriously that they dont apply, but instead they tell our website provider. LMAO. But in all seriousness, we would rather you come directly to us if you have an issue with a particular decision we as a staff team have made as people like Enjin dont want to be dealing with petty crap like what has happened. Furthermore, if you come to us (the staff team), we can actually deal with the situation straight away so that it doesnt have to escalate to reporting us on enjin for you being banned on a minecraft server after you swear, intimidate and generally be annoying. So yeah. Rant over. Have a nice time on the server. And dont be stupid.

- James on behalf of the staff team and narnia

PS: This post isnt aimed at all of you, just those select few who believe they can get away with doing stupid crap which isnt fun for everyone :3

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