By JamesNygma - Posted Jul 15, 15

Hello again Realmkrafters! We have kindly been made a plugin by Delzaros (creator of DelzTools), this plugin is called DelzGates and allows for portcullises to be made in Minecraft. We are very thankful for this and we cannot wait to see what additions are to come to his collection of plugins. Below is a quick and easy guide to how to create a gate and some useful commands and features of this plugin:


  1. To first create a gate, you need to create a frame for where the iron bar gate will appear. Usually this frame will be a 4x5 area. (Note: Do not place the iron bars in yourself, they will appear automatically once the gate has been set up fully).


  1. On the top centre block of your frame, place a sign with the first line saying, “[Gate]”, and the second line saying the name you want to call the gate. After doing this, right click the sign to confirm it. This will automatically add your name to the sign to display that you are the creator of the gate.


  1. Now it is time to create the switch. Find what you believe to be a suitable place for the switch and place a sign saying, “[Switch]” on the first line, and the name of your gate on the second. Similar to creating the gate, you will want to right click the sign to confirm it.


    4. Once doing this, your gate and switch will be intertwined, meaning that whenever you               click the switch, the gate will function.


If you aren’t a fan of the iron bars, then don’t worry, you can actually change the material of the gate. This can happen with the simple command: /delg material (gatename) (material). Where the brackets are is where you need to put in your custom information, the brackets should not be included when you do so. As of right now, there are only 3 materials that are available: Fence, Iron bars and Wood.

Another amazing feature is that you are able to give other people access to using your switch to open your gate. The simple command: /delg trust (gatename) (player), allows you to do this. If you no longer want that person to be trusted, just replace the word trust with untrust. This will then deny them from having access. If you are unsure of who you have trusted on your gate, then you can find out by doing the command: /delg trustlist (gatename).

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member or even ask Delzaros himself as he plays every now and then. We are also very sorry that a post about this plugin has not appeared sooner, that is a fault on my part (James) as I have been putting off doing lots of writing because it means I actually have to think :3 I will make it up to you guys by doing more regular posts with as much information as possible.

- The Realmkraft Staff Team

(Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will, Jasmine and Wyrm)

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