By [owner] katie1011 a - Posted Sep 4, 15

Recently some staff parted ways from RK. Some for time constraints and others for reasons that they didn't see eye to eye with staff. Jasmine you we're a really great mod and we will miss you so much when you resign on Tuesday. We hope you have a great time in school and hope you get through your dads wedding without dying. Good luck in october and Happy Early Birthday!!!! Alll the staff will be missed. But we understand minecraft isn't for everyone.

Ontop of that, we are adding lots of new features and making some major changes to RK

  1. We are rebooting creative. Replacing the old plot world with one that doesnt glitch out. We are making it a more fun atomosphere. We realized when we rebooted the build competitions that you all we're craving that creative side to the server.
  2. We are continuing the monthly Build competitions. This months winners are:
    1. Valesse
    2. Delzaros
    3. Cpt_Digpik
  3. We are currently looking for new staff. If you feel like you can help out the server make sure you apply under our recruitment tab.
  4. We had a very sucessful fundraiser for Alexis' Cancer Fund!!! We raised $611 for her. That is $111 over our $500 goal!!! Thank you all for being so amazing.
  5. The server continues to grow stronger and we continously add new amazing things to the community. If you have ideas don't hesitate to send them in on our forums.

Hope you're all enjoying the new school year (for those who just went back to school). We understand you won't have as much time for minecraft for now but we can't wait to see you on when you have the time. 


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