By [owner] Kevin a - Posted Aug 30, 16

Good News Everyone!
We are launching a smaller Vanilla Server for those of you who are interested. We have seen that many of you cannot wait for Realmkraft to re-open so you can get back to building and playing alongside us and other Realmkrafters. The server is 1.10.2 and (almost*) completely Vanilla. There are some ground-rules in which you will need to know before you can apply.
1. No Griefing, Stealing or Raiding.
2. PVP is allowed if both parties agree to it
3. Keep the server friendly so that everyone can enjoy the experience

Apply for the vanilla server here:

Server IP:   (whitelist only)

Take care of them fellow turtles and peace out!
- The Strings

*By this we mean we will have some small moderation tools included to keep things in order and have all the gears greased.
PS: We will record on this server for Youtube purpose.

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