Since the last post, a lot has been going on with the server and the community as a whole. To begin with, some of you may have noticed that we have introduced a new member to the staff team, Wyrmskyld. We are very happy to have her on the staff team and we are looking for to a lot of good times with her! The staff team has now consists of 7 members, but we are still considering to add more members to the staff team as the server and the community grows.

Talking of the community, we have recently introduced a new “Realmkraft Community” group skype chat. As of right now it has 28 members of the community, however we want to let all of you guys know about it so that we could hopefully add you to this chat. Don’t feel as if you have to be a part of it, but this is an open offer. If you do want to join the community chat then add me personally at “CornishCrafter”, and I will happily add you to the group. A brief description of the reasoning behind the group chat is that we want to bring you guys and staff closer together, not only to make a better community, but also to voice players opinions on the server and what they think would make it better. So if you have ideas and want us to view them rapidly and want to have a discussion about the idea with staff and other players, then this chat is definitely the place to do it.

For those ranks that used to have /tp, we are sorry to report that the command has been removed because of complaints we have been getting from players. Moreover, we know of several players who have been abusing this command and therefore resulted in it being removed. I know this can come as an annoyance for some of you, but it is not our fault that we have to change something because of certain individual’s behaviour. If anyone has an enquiry about this decision, then I’m sure that if you contact one of the staff members, they will happily deal with it.

Moving on from that negative, let’s talk plugins. An old plugin that used to be active on the server has recently made a comeback, magic carpet has returned! For those who don’t know what magic carpet is, well it’s basically what it is says in the name. I can guarantee that most of you have seen Aladdin before where they fly around on magic carpets, well it’s basically the same concept but in Minecraft. It’s a 5x5 platform that you can use to stand in areas where there usually isn’t anything to stand on. Below are some basic commands you will need to get the full use out of this plugin:

/mc on – Turns the magic carpet on

/mc off – Turns the magic carpet off

/mc light – Adds glowstone to the middle of your magic carpet

/mc tools – Adds a crafting table and ender chest to your magic carpet

To manoeuvre the magic carpet, you need to simply activate it and walk like you would if you were walking normally. To raise the magic carpet, you simply jump, this will then move the whole magic carpet up one block. Shifting will provide the opposite function, allowing the magic carpet and yourself to go down a block. Anyone seen abusing this plugin will be punished as trapping players and player’s animals in the magic carpet is frowned upon. So please do take care when using the magic carpet.

A perkshop has also been added to the server and can be accessed by typing /warp perkshop. Once there, it will give you 12 different perks you can purchase for different prices and different time periods as the perks do not last forever. If you have any ideas of the perkshop or some addition to it, we will be happy to hear about it!

The final news is about an idea that was suggested in the Realmkraft Community Skype Chat. Build competitions have been highly requested and we have taken the idea and decided to turn it into hopefully, a monthly event. We will give you more information on this as we decide more about where we will be going with this idea. Those who were led to believe that there was one occurring in April, I’m sorry to disappoint but that will no longer be happening as we are still yet to setup the area for the build competition or creative as a whole. However, we ensure you that we are trying our best to make sure that the build competition goes ahead.

We hope that all this information has helped and informed you guys about what has been happening on the server, if there is anything I’ve missed, then I will most likely cover it in the next news post.

 -The Realmkraft Staff Team

 (Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will, Jasmine and Wyrm)

Delzaros Forced tp is something that should only be available to the staff, since it can cause so many problems amongst players. ...
coolminer275 Not having TP I would say its good not having it for people who can't toggle there tp!
Delzaros Sounds cool, I've never done a build competition so thats something new for me. Will add you on Skype for this grou...

As of yesterday, the Realmkraft staff team have introduced another 2 plugins, DelzTools and Enchanted Furnaces. These 2 plugins help a lot when it comes to the usual grinding in Minecraft. In this news update there will be a simple guide on how to use the new plugins and how they work.

The first plugin introduced was DelzTools. The plugin allows for players to have an easier time when doing usual functions like mining, hoeing and excavating. By this, we mean that it offers an alternative tool into the game, allowing for different effects with that tool. There are 4 new tools added with this plugin, a new hoe, axe, pickaxe and shovel. Below are the new features which these tools do:

Pickaxe – 3x3 mining

Axe – Treefeller (Not very helpful because we have tree assist)

Shovel – 3x3 digging

Hoe – 3x3 farming

I bet you are wondering how you make these mystical tools, well here is the recipes below:

Crafting Recipes

(Note: Where there are air spaces in the crafting, there needs to be emeralds)

As you can see, the examples are for only diamond tools. However, this plugin also works for iron tools as well. All you need to do is switch the diamond tool for an iron tool, and the diamonds for iron ingots. The iron tools still do the same features as the diamond tools, but they have less durability. And again, with the iron heavy tools, you need to place emeralds in the air spaces.

The second plugin which was introduced was Enchanted Furnaces. This plugin allows for you to enhance the performance of your furnaces through several different enchants; efficiency, fortune, silk touch and unbreaking. Listed below are what each of the enchants do to the furnace:

Efficiency – Similar to what the enchant does to the pickaxe, the enchant speeds up the function of the furnace. The higher the efficiency, the faster your items will be smelted.

Fortune – This enchant allows for you to get more than what you put into the furnace. The higher the level of fortune, the more likely you are to get more items.

Silk Touch – Allows for your furnace to stay lit and conserve burn time until you put in more materials for smelting.

Unbreaking – Fuel burns for longer, allowing you to smelt more within the time it takes for the fuel to run out.

To get enchants on your furnace, you simply need to put a furnace in an enchant table and enchant it like any other enchantable item. Once enchanted, you simply place it down like a normal furnace and start smelting. The enchants will stay on the furnace forever, so you can break it and replace it as many times as you want. Another cool feature with this plugin is that you can increase the amount or value of the enchants on the furnace by combining the already enchanted furnace with an enchanted book in an anvil.

I hope this information helps for both of the plugins, but if you need more information, then visit:

  • Realmkraft Staff Team

(Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will and Jasmine)

HoodieFalls is the server down?
teebo1113 try doing it with a fully repaired unenchanted pick. I had trouble with it until i did it this way
JamesNygma Well i'll look in permission nodes and see which ranks have it. Everyone should have it.


JamesNygma posted Apr 1, 15

An auction plugin has now been released onto the Realmkraft survival realm! Yes, that’s right, you guys will now be able to sell items to other players a lot easier via this plugin. For those who don’t know what an auction is, it is basically a public sale where items are sold to the person who bids highest for them. Anyone from peasant and above are able to set up these auctions, however, we do want to stress that please only sell items that are worth selling. What we mean by this is that we don’t want people selling 1 dirt, this not only wastes other people’s time, but also can be very annoying to everyone else. Below are the key commands that you will need to sell and buy using the auction plugin:

When holding the item you want to sell in your hand, type /auction start (quantity) (price), this will allow you to specifically choose how much you want to sell and for how much the minimum bid has to be.

To bid on an auction you simply have to type /bid (price). If someone has bided higher than you then you can bid higher in the hopes of getting the item on auction.

If you are holding an auction and want to cancel it, you have to simply type /auction cancel. This will immediately stop the auction meaning that your items won’t be sold and you will not receive any money which you could have made by selling it.

If the auction announcements get too annoying for you, then there is a command that allows you to silence the announcements so that you don’t see them. To do this, type /auction ignore. To re-activate the announcements you type /auction on.

For more information about the auction plugin, type /auction ? in game and it will give you the commands necessary to successfully use the auction plugin.

-The Realmkraft Staff Team

(Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will, Jasmine and Carl)


JamesNygma posted Mar 31, 15

After confirming MCMMO returning to the server, it has been added at long last. This news post will tell you everything you need to know. MCMMO is a plugin that offers an RPG-like experience through the way players can earn experience points, special skills and other factors that enhance the normal Minecraft game. Within MCMMO, there is stuff like party chats which offers further factors into Minecraft with the ability to share XP levels with those people in your party when they are near to you.

The major part of MCMMO is that you gain experience points which then allow you to unlock special skills. To gain experience points, you just simply continue to do the factor of Minecraft that you are doing. For example, if you were to continue to chop down trees, then your woodcutting level would increase. The major part of MCMMO is split into 3 different categories, gathering, combat and miscellaneous. Within these 3 different categories are sub- categories, as seen below:

Gathering – Mining, Wood-cutting, Herbalism, Excavation and Fishing

Combat – Unarmed, Archery, Swords, Axes and Taming

Miscellaneous – Repair, Salvage, Smelting, Acrobatics and Alchemy

Below is a little detail on each of the sub-categories:

Mining – It’s basically in the title, the more you mine the more your mining level increases. If you are a high enough level, you can activate “Super Breaker” which allows you to mine faster for a short period of time. To activate this, you simply right click with your pickaxe in hand.

Wood-Cutting – Very similar to Mining, you just need to keep chopping down tress to level up this skill. Once you reach level 100 for Wood-Cutting, you can instantly destroy leaves after cutting the tree down. However this is not necessary because of the tree-assist plugin we already have.

Herbalism – This skill involves the use of hoes when farming. And as always, the more you do of it, the higher your level will be. If you have a hoe in your hand and right click, it activates “Green-Terra”. This skill allows for you to increase the amount of drops you get from the item you planted. There is also another skill with Herbalism called “Green Thumb”. Green Thumb allows the player to have a chance of instantly replanting the item after harvesting it. The higher Herbalism level you are, the more of a chance you are to replant the item and the higher the chance it will have of being more grown.

Excavation – Excavation also has 2 abilities that are active on our survival realm. The first one is “Giga Drill”, this skill is activated by right clicking with a shovel in hand. Once activated, the shovel you are holding will have fast mining for a short period of time. The other skill is called “Treasure Hunt”, this allows you to have the rare chance of getting other items as well as the block you have mined with the shovel. The higher rank you are, the more likely you are to get more valuable and a higher quantity of treasure.

Fishing – Fishing is the simplest out of all of the sub-categories, with it basically being the higher the level of fishing you are, the more likely you are to catch rare items. So get fishing!

Unarmed – You can get a higher level in this sub-category by killing mobs with nothing but your fist. If you have nothing in your hand, you can right click to activate a skill called “Berserker”. This skill allows you to do up to 50% more damage than you would normally. The higher level you are, the more damage you will do.

Archery – Archery is basically a skill that means the more mobs you kill with a bow, the more your skill raises. Similar to unarmed, this skill has the setting so that the higher level you are, the more damage your arrows do.

Swords – This skill is the most essential in the combat category as it is most useful and most widely used. By right clicking with a sword in hand, this activates “Serrated Strikes”. This allows you to deal more damage to the mob you have already hit as it has this type of bleeding effect. The higher level you are in the swords skill, the more after damage your strikes do when serrated strikes is active.

Axes – This sub-category can be levelled up by killing mobs with axes. The higher level you are means the more damage you can do to mobs, this skill is called “Critical Strikes”.

Taming – It is simply in the name, the more you tame mobs like wolves and ocelots, the higher the taming rank you will be. The higher rank you are, the more damage your wolves will do to a mob you attack. Other than this, the taming sub-category has no useful attributes.

Repair – This sub-category can be used to repair tools and armour via an iron block. To repair an item, you must use items which are crafted within the item you are trying to repair. For instance, if you were repairing a bow, you would need string. To repair the tool or amour, you simply right click the iron block with the necessary items in hand. The higher level you are with this skill, the less materials you need. Note: When using this skill, enchantments can be lost on items. With a higher level, the chance of you keeping enchantments on the items increase.

Salvage – Salvage allows you to get the original items out of items which need crafting. For instance, salvage would allow you to get 5 gold blocks out of a fully repaired golden helmet. To do this skill, you need to simply right click the item onto a gold block. Depending on how damaged the item is, it will give you an amount equivalent to the damage of the item.

Smelting – A higher smelting level allows you to have more efficient fuel (coal, blaze rods, etc.). Your smelting level actually depends on the level of your mining and repair levels, so if you want a high smelting level, you will need to upgrade those two sub-categories.

Acrobatics – This sub-category can be levelled up by falling from heights and still surviving. The higher the rank you are, the more likely you are to take less damage because of two skills, “Roll” and “Dodge”. Roll allows you to take less fall damage and Dodge allows you to take less damage from mobs.

Alchemy – This sub-category goes into a lot of depth as it allows you to create potions which aren’t normally in the game. As well as that, it also offers the ability to brew faster when you are a higher level. The more you brew, the more levels you increase, allowing you to create the new potions. For more information on this sub-category, follow this link:

The final feature of MCMMO is the party feature. This allows you to have your own channel type chat room for you and the people of your choosing. Another amazing factor of the party feature is that you can share XP with people in your party. If you are within 75m of someone in your party who is gaining XP, you can also gain XP. The more party members that are near, the more XP you will gain! Below are the commands for party chats:


Command Info

/party or /party info

View information on your current party.

/party join <player name> [password]

Joins the party of that player, password if specified.

/party quit

Leaves the current party.


Toggles party chat.

/party invite <player name>

Invites the named player to the current party.

/ptp <party member name>

Teleports the player to the designated party member.

/party <lock;unlock>

Locks or unlocks the party you are in.

/party password (password)

Sets a password to your party (only work if party is locked).

/party create <party name> [password]

Creates a party with a name, password is optional.

/party <kick> [player name]

Kicks said player from your party.

/party <leader> [player name]

Transfers ownership of the party.

/party disband

Disbands the party.


Hopefully this helped with your understand of MCMMO, but if you want further help then visit: for more information

-Realmkraft Staff Team

(Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will, Jasmine and Carl)

[owner] stringsbeast a mcmmo is activated again, sorry for the inconvenience
Albert_Bowden Its broken.... -_-
JamesNygma To my knowledge it is still active, let me look into it :3

As some of you may know, the survival server has had some major problems recently. The following news update will explain all you need to know about why the survival server is down, what is going to happen to survival, and the future for the survival server. Let me start off by saying that the staff team are trying their very best to maintain and recreate the survival world which the majority of us adore. This leads us on to say that the survival server as we once knew it has been lost due to some unknown reason.

The problems first started occurring late last night after a server restart, player vaults, homes, and everything to do with player files was lost. We have not actually found the source behind why these problems occurred, but we speculate that it is something to do with the dynmap we were in the midst of releasing. Because of the player files being lost, this also meant that the core protect logs were also lost, meaning we could not locate homes for those people who were not at their homes at the time of the restart. Because of this reason, along with a long list of others, we have made the brave decision to reset the whole of survival.

This means that the whole world will be fresh, new landscape meaning that all of the old things that you once knew of have disappeared. We are deeply sorry for not being able to salvage builds and items for players, but there is nothing we can do. We understand if you guys are frustrated at this decision, but believe us when we say, it is for the better of Realmkraft.

With this reset we are now able to manage our plugins better to give you guys a better experience at Realmkraft. As well as this, the fresh start could potentially bring in new faces and maybe even some old faces that want a clean slate. With this being a large cause of action, this could take some time to setup. During the time of setting up the new survival, we appreciate your patience and willing to continue playing on our server. After the new survival is released, we will make it up to you guys, the community, by introducing new features to both the gameplay and other factors like the website. One feature we can already guarantee that we will be releasing to the new survival world is MCMMO! Yes, that’s right, the much beloved and highly requested plugin will be returning to Realmkraft to give you guys a better experience here. As always, if you guys have any suggestions for plugins, we would love to hear them via the forums.

For those who have purchased ranks and in game items, there is no need to worry about losing them as they will all be given out again once the new survival is up and running. Those who have not donated, we cannot see how long you have played, meaning that we will not be able to allocate you your rank. However, there will be a forum post where those people with free ranks can tell us their rank so that we can allocate you with the tag and permissions you need.

We appreciate your patience and co-operation with us during such a frustrating time for all of us. As a staff team we can guarantee that we will be trying our hardest to get the survival back up and running for you guys as soon as possible. Stay tuned as more updates on the progress of the survival server will be released.

- Realmkraft Staff Team

(Kevin, Katie, James, Komo, Will, Carl and Jasmine)

coolminer275 The way I think of it forgetting all the builds.. We get a fresh new nether and fresh mines. And if the old people come ...
Wyrmskyld This is totally me going into MC withdrawal, but is there any kind of ETA on when the new server will be up? I'm ea...
teebo1113 Trust me when I say I understand, its just that id just ngotten past working on things so i could fall to the role of bu...
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